EMBARC is a pan-European network committed to promoting clinical research and education in bronchiectasis, through sharing of protocols, research idea and expertise. Central to this project is the creation of the European Bronchiectasis Registry, a collaboration open to all investigators around Europe caring for patients with bronchiectasis.

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Celebrations for the EMBARC family!

We are extremely proud to announce the publication of three papers in the Lancet journals last week.

Congratulations to the EMBARC project in India who have published the first report from the …

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EMBARC is an open group and free to join.

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Click above for video highlights and session recordings from the first NTM and Bronchiectasis Workshop

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Third World Bronchiectasis Conference in Washington, D.C


Click above for highlights of the 2nd World Bronchiectasis Conference, Milan 2017


View video highlights here from the 1st World Bronchiectasis Conference, Hannover 2016